Finding Parts for Military Equipment Using an NSN

Fixing old military surplus vehicles and equipment for historical preservation is a lot easier if you can do a NATO stock number search online to find parts. A NATO stock number is also referred to as an NSN. I think they call it a DMC, or Domestic Management Code, in England. It is a number that is 13 digits in length. It is sort of like the product code for everything from a pair of Vietnam jungle boots worn by infantry to the wheels that go on an old armored personnel carrier. You can find those NSNs on tags on military clothing and on other parts. If you need a part and know the NSN, then you can find a replacement.

We like to restore things using OEM parts whether they be new or salvaged. It is much easier even finding military salvage parts by using an NSN to look it up. Continue reading

Buying a New Boat Now That Im Retired


I promised myself that as soon as I retired I would buy a boat. Throughout my life I commonly rented boats as the need came up. If we wanted to take a quick trip down the coast, I would rent a boat. It had always been a bit more cost-effective that way, because I didn’t get to go on vacation very often. Now that I’m retired, I have all the time in the world. I’ve recently been looking at boats for sale in my area. I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, so I decided to expand my search online. I found a website that lets people post pictures and details about their boats on the website. It makes it really easy for people who are looking for about two connect with people who are selling boats. Continue reading

Finding a Mechanic for My Business Vehicles


I’ve owned my own small business for 20 years. We go around town and repair computers for people who don’t know a lot about technology. Because we are a small company, we do not have a mechanic on staff. Most of the time, we go to the local dealership and have them work on our vehicles. This has proven to be quite costly, because we put so many miles on our vehicles. In order to save money, I have started to research commercial fleet services for Exton PA. I’m fairly certain that I will be able to find a solution to this problem.

I’ve actually located one company in particular that offers fleet services for people just like me. Continue reading

Make Sure You Get the Right VCDS Cable

You have an operating system in your car if it is a newer car. Did you know that it can be analyzed and even manipulated? The VCDS “VAG-COM Diagnostic System” is actually from Microsoft. It is made and put out by a company called Ross-Tech. There are cheap versions of this diagnostic system that you can buy online, but the problem is that a lot of the stuff you want to be able to do is disabled. You need to be careful and only buy a quality VCDS if you want more full control of things within the control software that runs your car.

The cable you get is very important. It has to have the right chip in order for you to have controls enabled. Do not buy a cheap bargain clone. Continue reading

I Just Bought an Old Chevy

I had not really expected that I would be able to afford it at first and my wife thinks it is an awful idea, but I have been looking for a fun hobby and this is probably going to take up a whole lot of my time. I looked around for a good long while and took this mechanic I knew to see the car before I bought it. I could tell that he really liked it and he thought I got a great price on it. Right now I am learning hot do vehicle detailing yourself, because I am thinking that with a little work this car may be able to compete in car shows. Continue reading

The New Era of Professional Truck Drivers

A lot of commercial over-the-road drivers are paying a lot more attention to staying fit and healthy. The old image of drivers being cigarette-smoking guys in sleeveless tee shirts is fading away. Today’s truck drivers are getting to be more professional. Many team drivers are husbands and wives who hit the open road together. Some owner-operators have a truck that is part RV. It may include a galley, bathroom, shower and sleeping area. Of course, the more weight you have on your truck means you have to haul less for your loads.

There are ways for truck drivers to prepare meals on the road to stay fit and healthy. There are ways to eat healthy without having to even stop long to cook something. Continue reading

We Know All of Our Neighbors and That Made Our Community Day Great!

We live in a neighborhood that is kind of squared off from the rest of the town. We are sort of a village unto ourselves. The main road that travels through the center is not heavily traveled. People’s houses are close together, but we have decently sized front and back yards. Everyone knows each other, and all the kids play together. We will help each other out by cutting grass and other stuff when our neighbors are ill or busy. We decided to have a community day for the 48 of us, and we called a Toronto party buses rental company to arrange transportation.

We thought they only had small party buses that could hold about 20 people or so. They actually have big buses too. One was big enough to hold all of us and more. It had a big screen television, an awesome sound system, cool lighting and even coolers for beverages and a bathroom. I’m telling you, when you take a bunch of kids on a two hour ride to a community day event, you will be happy to have a rolling bathroom. Continue reading

My Car Needed New Brakes

While most of the area that I live in is flat, I happen to be at the top of a pretty steep hill. That is why I was concerned when my brakes started sticking. I knew that I had to get them looked at pretty fast, but I was not sure where to take it since I had just recently moved to the area. This was not something I wanted to put off though, so I did a search online for auto services in Billings MT. I wanted to make sure that I read a good bit about the different garages in the area, because I wanted to ensure that I was trusting not only my car but myself as well to the right people.

It did not take me long at all to find the garage that I wanted to use. Continue reading

New Plastic Film Technology Protects Car Finishes

Driving a brand new car is great. Parking it inside a garage and leaving it there makes for less anxiety about all the paint damage though. The last car I owned had chips from rocks and damage from bird droppings in no time. Who would have thought bird poop would damage paint? I cleaned it off, and it left a mark in the clear coat. That was a few years ago, so I looked for car paint protection in Hamilton when I was buying my new car.

There is a film technology where clear plastic films are applied to the vulnerable areas of your car over the paint. The film looks nice once it is applied, and it really protects the paint from the chips and bird droppings. Acid rain is also a culprit in paint damage for cars. The film takes the hits and dirt, not your car’s paint. Continue reading

Got into an Accident Last Weekend

Nina and I went to see her parents last weekend. We ended up getting into a fog bank out on the highway. This was not just a little bit of fog, it was simply impossible for us to see more than about three car lengths ahead of us. We were crawling along and eventually we came to a stop behind a line of cars. Someone ahead of us had hit some other car and before long some fool came crashing into the rear end of our car. It took some time to find towing in Ottawa, ON to take us to the Chrysler dealer there. Of course the car was barely used. We bought the thing about a month and three weeks ago. Continue reading

Garage Doors That Would Not Work

My husband and I lived in an apartment for the first eight years of our marriage. After we said I do, I just moved into his two bedroom apartment because it was convenient and cheap for both of us. We decided late last year that it was time for us to move to a house though, complete with a garage since cars are his passion. We were able to find a really nice house that has an attached three car garage at a price we could afford. The only downside was we had to find an Addison garage repair company after we closed on the house because none of the garage doors were operational.

We got the house for a good price because of things like that. The basement was not finished, there were some wiring issues, and a few other things that we knew we could take care of. However, my husband really wanted the garage doors fixed as soon as the wiring issues were taken care of. Continue reading

My Snoring Was a Problem

My wife told me a few months ago that even though she loves me with all her heart, she was ready to kick me out of our bed. We have a guest bedroom next to ours, and she told me I might need to move in there so she could get some sleep. My snoring was really bothering her a good bit, and I admit that I did feel bad for her. I did not want to leave our bedroom, so I turned to instead.

Any time that I want to learn something, I have found that going to the video site will usually give me a lot of videos with the answers that I need. Continue reading

I Finally Got the Cougar Running

I finally got the Cougar XR-7 running. My Dad bought it for me about two years ago when I was still fifteen years old. When we bought it was white with black trim, including a black spoiler on the rear deck. It had a 351 Windsor V-8 engine which had locked up. My Dad told me that the best thing would be to replace it with the version of the same engine that had been built in Cleveland. We got one after searching on this site called which is a search engine where you can find prices on used engines. We sent the car off to this guy who painted it a really beautiful bright red and then we tried to get that engine in the car. Continue reading

I Love My New Job and Scheduling Work for Drivers

As a single mother of two children, I have had struggles in life when it comes to making sure that my kids are well cared for while I worked. My job as a secretary just wasn’t working out, and I needed something that paid better. A very close friend works for a limousine service in Orlando that pays her really well. She said that she would talk to her boss to see if there were any job openings that might fit my skills. This was great news considering that I was ready for a better job for the sake of my kids and my own sanity.

As soon as I knew that I wanted to switch jobs, I began working on my resume. I had not updated it in 5 years, and I had so many new skills to add to it. Continue reading

Finally Got the Car Fixed Up

Of course the car has had the dents in it as long as I have had it and I was not all that concerned about it. In fact I was okay with them, because I got a discount on the car because of them. The guy I bought it from had gotten it in a dust up and he sold it to me without getting it fixed up. He took his insurance check and got a better car. At any rate some guy hit it again the other night and I had to find this guy In fact I was not really able to drive the car until I got the work done, because the guy who hit the car crushed the front right fender in to the wheel well. You can turn the wheel most of the way, but it would not be possible to drive the car very well. You could make most turns , but that is not really a good enough deal. Continue reading

Getting Ready for the Anniversary Next Week

I have been putting aside a little bit of money at a time for months trying to get enough saved up to take Annie out for a big night out. Of course that is going to be expensive if you do it all of the way and if you only go half of the way it is still going to cost more than I can really afford. It is just one day a year though. I talked about the cost of a limo service in Toronto by Dream Night and I was thinking about whether or not it made sense. It depends on what you get, because these places have all sorts of limos. They have the big stretch jobs that you would have a long walk to get around, but even bigger than that are the stretched vans and stretched SUV’s. I was checking out their web page and they have a few different sizes of party buses. They can hold anything from 30 to 50 people in those big party buses. The biggest limos are just below that size.

I was thinking about just getting a town car, which in this case would have been something like a Mercedes Benz. It is probably the exact same car a rich doctor would drive to to the hospital every morning. So it is not that big of a deal. Of course the problem is it is still going to cost you about 80 dollars an hour. I got to thinking about it and I decided that there was a better way probably. The idea I got was that for that sort of money I could get a really nice hotel room. So I found this really nice restaurant which is within walking distance of a nice hotel. It is still going to be very expensive.

I Have Nothing but Good Things to Say About This Transport Company in Singapore

There is a bus transport company in singapore that has 20 and 40-seater buses. I remember my school using their services for a team trip to play in another city. The school bus we were going to use broke down the day of the trip. We were not even out of the parking lot when it happened. One of the parents suggested we call the bus charter service. They had a bus and driver out in less than a half hour. We were not even late for our game. That stuck in my mind as great service.

Years later as a police officer I responded to a disabled vehicle call. It was a tour bus that had broken down. The bus would need to be towed, and their company was well over an hour away. The people wanted to get home immediately. I suggested they call the transport service my school used years ago. Once again, the company had a driver out almost immediately. The big bus took everyone the final 40 kilometers to their destination. The replacement bus from the tour company took over two hours to arrive. By that time everyone was already at their destination. Continue reading

The Airline Lost My Golf Clubs for Half of the Day

I was a bit more than upset. I got off the plane and I was supposed to be getting to a car service at BWI to go play at a pro am nearby. A friend of mine arranged it, it was something I really wanted to do. I was curious as to whether or not I would get paired up with a pro that I knew or not. At any rate this is one of the best courses that I have never played and I was really looking forward to getting in a couple of rounds. At any rate I spent half of the day trying to figure out where my golf clubs were and it turned out that they had gone to Orlando for a nice day in the sun. Of course they were very apologetic and all, but that did not get me on the course. I was tempted to go have a new set made, but that was never going to happen in time. Continue reading

Started to Work a Part Time Job

I got a part time job. It is not a great job, but I need the money and they are willing to let me work odd hours. In fact I have been going out with my girlfriend some night and then going in to work. The job is to clean up the vehicles for this limo place here in Toronto. The place is Exec Limo in Toronto, as you can see if you look at their web page ( ). They have a lot of different vehicles. Not all of them are always out and I am not the only guy who is there working. They want to have the cars available at all times and they want them to be spotlessly clean. If you know what it costs to rent a car and a driver then you can imagine that you would not want to pay that much money and have the car look like it had been dirty.

In fact you find some interesting stuff in the backs of these cars. Continue reading

Using a Limo Service to Make the Perfect Nighht

Anybody that is looking to hire a limo service is fairly justified in being picky, as this is not something that people purchase without high expectations. The bottom line is that whether you just want the night to be remembered forever or you are trying to impress a special someone, having something go wrong is simply not an option. This means hiring a company with the best drivers and a great fleet of vehicles is important, because otherwise you might as well stick to driving your own vehicle. Paradise Toronto Limo service seems to understand exactly this, as they have gone out of their way to try and make sure every minor detail of their service is absolutely perfect.

This starts with their impeccable fleet, which has the best vehicles which are kept detailed and get regular maintenance to ensure they will be both reliable and impressive. Continue reading