Today the law is clear: one is no longer obliged to have a current account with a bank to obtain a personal loan with it (see also Loan without a current account ). This is an excellent opportunity because it translates into the possibility of actually searching for the best current account by loan.

What is it about?

What is it about?

It might seem a contradiction to start from the assumption that one is not obliged to open or maintain a current account with a bank in order to obtain favorable conditions in the request for a loan, but it is not.

Today, banking services, which inevitably pass through the use of a current account, have become increasingly diversified, in some cases in a simplified and more direct way (for example through online and mobile functions) and in others in a more articulated way. This allows you to get two possible benefits:

  • the choice of the current account most suited to your needs;
  • the identification of the best loan (such as times, rates and repayment methods).

To get the maximum advantage on the convenience of the second, you must be able to go through the choice of the best account available. Attention this does not mean that both must necessarily be open at the same bank.

How to find the best accounts?

How to find the best accounts?

The imperative in the choice of a current account should always be (even if the intention to request a personal or finalized loan is not immediately present): savings..

We often find ourselves at the end of the year or at the end of a quarter looking at the statement that the bank has sent and, in fact, the accounts do not add up. What to do then?

Those who do not move and choose to still choose money on a current account that often offers less than another at no cost, or at least cheaper, often does so because they think they cannot find better. Or worse, he is used to thinking that accounts at zero cost offer practically nothing. To see how things really are, a simple comparison is enough.

Current accounts at no cost

To think again is the first step to take to respect one’s own pockets, but also to save indirectly on products such as loans, mortgages (read more What are mortgages without pay), investments, etc. Why take the example of the account with a loan?

Because often the impact of the costs that link an account to a loan escape. We find for example:

  • reduced collection costs : on average they are 1 or 2 USD, but they can even reach 5 or 6 USD;
  • periodic communication costs;
  • commissions applied on rid.

Items that at the end of the amortization plan arrive at more than considerable figures.

Are online accounts also the best for funding?

Are online accounts also the best for funding?

Notwithstanding that the choice of the account must be made according to the type of use that is made in concrete (therefore it is a personal evaluation) it is likely to find an optimal solution by opting for a current account that has:

  • fee equal to zero or resettable ;
  • unlimited operations ;
  • free ATM always ;
  • free online communications ;
  • rid and bank domiciliation without commissions and maybe even the possibility of making transfers without costs or with very low expenses.