Browsing the offers of various banks, you can find credit products for people working in free professions. Most often they are ordinary loans and credits granted, however, on special terms attractive to the client. We took a look at several random banks offering offers for Entrepreneurs to check what makes these products stand out. has more details



Mostly, banks that decide to create an offer for their clients working in free professions take into account those professions that are in the Code of Commercial Companies (Act of 15 September 2000). These are: lawyer, pharmacist, architect, construction engineer, statutory auditor, insurance broker, tax advisor, stockbroker, investment advisor, accountant, doctor, dentist, veterinary surgeon, notary public, nurse, midwife, legal adviser, patent attorney, property appraiser and sworn translator.

Why do these professions deserve exceptional credit terms? According to banks, people representing these positions often perform best against all borrowers.

They have high creditworthiness, very good financial standing and BIK history, they are educated, responsible and trustworthy – after all, freelance professions are called public trust professions. In the case of such borrowers, banks very low rate the risk of unpaid installments and general problems with settling liabilities, so they may slightly lower the restrictiveness of their credit conditions and create an offer on terms attractive to the Customer.

Advantages in loan offers for people working in free professions


– lower margin
– lower interest rate
– no commission
– higher maximum loan amount
– convenient loan period
– convenient installments
– no security required
– no required certificates
– simplified loan granting and creditworthiness determination procedure
– quick credit decision
– no need to specify the purpose of the loan, no business plan required
– individual setting of loan terms
– submitting online applications

Of course, not all of the above-mentioned advantages are in every offer, because it depends on the bank and the individual situation of the entrepreneur, but these are the conditions specific to these offers and this is what you can expect from them.
Entrepreneurs who take advantage of the special offers of banks can therefore count on support in financing the development of their own practice and business operations much cheaper than if they had taken a regular loan for companies. Borrowers can count on the bank’s individual approach to their operations and flexible matching of lending conditions. The amount that they are able to obtain through such an offer often reaches even over PLN 1 million, but it is not necessary to specify the purpose of the loan. The only condition is that it is the goal of running your own business.

To meet the needs of their customers


Banks maximally simplify the procedures necessary to obtain a loan, including the process of verifying creditworthiness. Usually, it is only with really high loan amounts of up to PLN 1 million that some banks decide to include additional certificates and documents. Some banks also divide their offers into those that are addressed to entrepreneurs with lower seniority on the market and to entrepreneurs with longer seniority, often over 12-24 months. The latter can even count on unsecured loans.

In addition, entrepreneurs can often also count on an additional product, e.g. a company account, which also generates benefits for the company (cheaper transfers, free transfers to ZUS and Tax Office, access to accounting services), attractive insurance or free brokerage services. All offers are designed to be as attractive and competitive as possible and provide customers with the full range of services they expect.