Comparative revolving cards: what needs to be evaluated?

How to choose the best revolving credit card for you?

How to choose the best <a href=revolving credit card for you?” />

Comfortable, easy to use, flexible enough, and able to make up for the lack of a loan to be obtained in a reasonable time: all aspects that make credit cards revolving an almost indispensable means of guaranteeing a cost management without having to give up the most suitable method according to different needs.

But in order not to deprive the revolving credit card of the latter aspect, which also represents one of the conditions that cannot be waived (that is, the almost perfect correspondence between the type of need to be satisfied and the means to do so), there is no it can exempt from making a comparison between the revolving credit cards, without stopping at the first proposal that we are faced with.

Comparative revolving cards: which aspects to consider

Comparative revolving cards: which aspects to consider

The claim that revolving credit cards are not all the same, may seem both a banality and an affirmation with advertising purposes, when instead it is a simple truth. To make the difference between credit cards with installment payment function there are in fact:

  • the rates applied;
  • annual and monthly management costs (if applicable);
  • the services to which one can draw;
  • the flexibility of use and the type of use that can be made of it.

All these items, once evaluated, should be compared first with the type of use that is intended to be made of the card. For example, if you want to have a revolving card to be used in case of need, then it makes little sense to choose an installment card that provides for the application of fairly low interest rates against high recurring management fees. Conversely, if the credit card is a widely used medium, then you can spend a little more as recurring management fees, trying to lower the interest expense component.

Better revolving credit cards as well or multicard ones?

Better <a href=revolving credit cards as well or multicard ones?” />

There are plenty of credit cards that allow you to make your own payments with both full and installment payments. But the real multicard or multifunction cards are those that also incorporate the debit payment function (ie the classic ATM ) on the same card. On the convenience and ease of use of these cards there are more and more doubts, since the number of demagnetized cards that require the issuance of new cards is growing, and in the case (as for that of block or theft ) it remains practically without any electronic payment method. It is therefore a risk too high for the benefit of reducing the number of cards and pins to be managed separately.