Confidence in real estate investment continues to increase

The Good Finance also confirms the growth of the real estate sector , which confirms the trend of the other recent signals analyzed recently. The Good Finance (acronym of Federimmobiliare, University of Parma and Sorgente Group Spa) is one of the most suitable to represent the “real estate sentiment”, often used as an index of evaluation on the expectation, of the entire sector, by the operators, on a four-monthly basis. Fiups in the first four months stood at 19.72 points, thus confirming the growth already shown in the previous three quarters .

The real estate sector is seen today with extreme positivity

The real estate sector is seen today with extreme positivity


And the conviction is rising that the situation could further improve in the coming months . Sentiment is seen to improve for the next 12 months , in all sectors, except for the industrial sector.

The crisis that involves the industrial sector is linked, first and foremost, to the lack of reforms and policy interventions. It is however important to highlight the lack of buildings with technological features with rooms suitable for current needs, such as, for example, department stores for the distribution of products sold online with e-commerce.

Forecasts of the experts and the analyzes of the data


If we consider the forecasts of the experts and the analyzes of the data of the first four months , the prices of the houses will continue to grow, even if only in a moderate way.

The area where there is an improvement trend, and where the highest expectations are concentrated, is undoubtedly in the North East of the country.

Behind Rome and Milan, preferred destinations for real estate investments, today Genoa, Bologna and Padua are emerging in the residential sector and Florence for the hotel and tourism sector.

According to the operators


The projections on the average selling price , and the average discount practiced are those of maximum stability, even if there is a trend of growth of the residential and a decrease in the commercial sector.

There is still no perfect alignment between supply and demand. The new forms of investment that are becoming widespread are very popular: rent to buy, private leasing or real estate crowfunding.