Use a Discount Coupon Code

My daughter and her friends were calling around in February for a stretch limo for their prom night as they knew that May was going to be here before they knew it. It was also a very busy time for her as she was going to be getting ready for the last few months of her senior year and she was getting ready to go to college soon. I told her with limos4less that I would help her and her friends find a great discount but they did not know how they were going to be saving money. I told them that they were going to have to look for coupons online or I would look on one of those networking sites where you can pay half price for a service. Continue reading

Many Different Ways to Ship

I was trying to order a car over the internet. I had a great deal online, and I did not want to let it go. I knew it would be crazy to buy a car from across the country, sight unseen, so I decided that I was going to let my friend who lived in the area check it out. He had a mechanic that he has trusted for years, so I wanted him to go and look at the car before I was going to buy it. I heard that marine shipping in powell river meant that they would ship the car for me on a boat. I knew that was a great way to get the car to me but I did not think that it was the way that I wanted to ship it. The insurance on the shipping alone was more than it was for me to buy the car.

I looked at the option of having it put on a flat bed truck and sent across the country with a driver but I knew that it was going to also cost me a lot of money. Instead of having them do this, I called my friend and asked him if he was going to be coming home for the holidays. He told me that he was but that the airline tickets were really expensive. I told him that I would pay the gas and lodging for a night if he drove the car to me here, and then I would pay for a one way ticket back to his home state when he was ready to go back. He said that it was a deal, I asked him what date he wanted to go back so I went online and booked the ticket and it was a done deal.

Hometown Auto Service Center Keeps My Used Car Running

I bought a used car from a dealership. It had a limited warranty that has since ran out. I noticed that the dealership had a premium price on everything from oil changes to new tires. I got tired of paying the higher prices and found an auto service center that makes it much easier to budget for a car.

I don’t have a high paying job and neither does my wife. Fortunately, she can walk to work each day because it is only a block away. I have to drive about 10 miles to get to work each day. We are very frugal with our money attempting to fully live within our means. Having a discount auto service center close by for tires, routine maintenance and even more serious repairs keeps me working. I rely on my car, and they keep it running for me.