The Perfect Wedding from Heaven

... : Limousines & Taxi: GTA Transportation: AMK Limousine ServiceOne year ago, I married my beautiful wife Kayane. I fell in love with her in college. As soon as she walked into the cafeteria, I knew that she would be my future wife. After three years of dating, I finally popped the question to her. She she was so eager to be my fiancee, that she immediately jumped into my arms when I asked her. Kayane was the woman that I had searched for my whole life. We had most of our planning complete, but we needed a wedding limo in toronto. I wanted the best mode of transportation for my queen.

The rush to find a limo service was hectic. Apparently, there were many events in town during the same day of our wedding. Most of the limo services were already booked with customers. It was prom season for many high school students. They needed limos for their special night as well. I began to worry that I might not find a suitable limo for my perfect wedding day.

Finally, my luck changed.

Our Son, Good Grades and a Limo Service in Toronto

... Limo - Taxi to Toronto Airport - Toronto Airport Limousine ServicesOur son was getting some bad grades. A medical diagnosis revealed what was being termed a learning disability. He was not able to make sense of words sometimes, and that had a very negative effect on his reading comprehension and retention. It was a real struggle for him to keep up with his peers. He worked very hard at his studies. He would spend time every day at home trying to keep up with the requirements for his grade. When he got an A last semester, we rewarded him with VIP treatment with help from a limo service in toronto.

None of his peers at school were aware of the problem due to his well-practiced ability at avoiding having to read things aloud. Only a few close friends and relatives even knew there was a problem. We gathered up his friends to make it a special day for the accomplishment to encourage him to continue his hard work.

Started Planning the Trip to Toronto

Toronto Airport Limousine, Toronto Airport Limo, Limousine Service ...I am guessing that this is going to be the only time I get to take Anna to Toronto for a good long while and of course I figure that we might as well do something special. I am going to surprise her with a really early anniversary present, so I got tickets to a show there. It is going to be a really big night out and I am going to go ahead and spend a nice bit of money on doing it right. I already found a toronto limo service to drive us out from the Hotel to the place where we are going to eat and then to the theater where we are going to see the show. It is not really that expensive, but of course I am not going to get one of those forty foot long monsters that you can rent out.

I figure that renting a town car is nice enough for a night out. That costs around 45 dollars an hour, which does not seem all that terrible to me.

A Night We Will All Remember

Taxi Limo Service, Limousine for Airport, Limo for Airport, Limousine ...When my best friend decided to pop the big question to his girlfriend, I knew that I was going to throw him the best bachelor party ever. Even though everything would be on the up and up, I still wanted it to be a night to remember. The best way to do this was to plan for transportation for the 20 or so of us that were going to be attending the party. Instead of having it at one place, we figured it would be nice to use a toronto party bus that could take us to some of his favorite hangouts.

I had thought it would be cool to live it up on one of his last nights of freedom.