Turn in Your Old Cars for Cash

Credit: Courtesy of Deborah FeingoldFinding yourself short on cash is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, if you ask me! I was raised to believe that an individual needs to have enough money in their banks to cover at least an entire year’s worth of expenses to cover any potential bills that might come up after an emergency. After my first year in college this happened to me; my parents died and neither of them had any sort of life insurance, leaving me to cover their funeral bills. I started to get into a cash for cars program in the San Diego area which helped me get back a lot of what I had lost in the year after their death.

Working in the Cook County Offices

I am not working for Cook county right now, but I am downtown working pretty close to the Picasso in a county office building. Right now I am taking the bus for a few days, because I had to take my car to an arlington heights auto repair shop the other day and they are backed up pretty good. To be honest it is not that huge of a deal in some ways. The bus ride in here is pretty long and I sort of like it, the part about not having to stress over people cutting you off and so forth. I take my new tablet computer with me and play around with it while I am riding. Of course the bus has wi fi, although the service can vary pretty greatly. If it is working good I will read the morning news on the tablet and some of the time I will listen to some music if I feel comfortable doing it.

A lot of the time I will be on a crowded bus though, and that sort of makes me a bit too nervous and I feel as though I want to always keep my wits about me. It is not as though bad stuff never happens to anyone in Chicago, although to be honest most of it happens to people who are in the middle of doing bad things to some other person. At any rate I do not get too nervous most of the time, but I do not like it when you are crammed into a bus like a sardine. The car shall be back from the shop the day after tomorrow and I will have to worry about how to pay for it after that, it will cost me a pretty good bit.

Planning My Big Anniversary Date

I have been dating this girl for almost exactly a year, know this by happenstance. It just happened to have met her at the birthday party of a mutual friend and we went out for the first time about a week and a half later. I had the receipts on my computer, think I might have planned to pass it off as a business expense at the time. It was not entirely out of the question, since she could have made a deal with my company at that time. I need to find a limo service for toronto and work out the details on the plan. I am not going to use the exact date, that is is Monday with nothing happening that I could find. On the Saturday before there is a concert by a band that I know she likes and we can go out to a really nice restaurant beforehand.

I am working on getting some back stage passes, but I am not sure that my contacts can get it done for me. They could have managed it pretty easily a few years back. I knew some guys in various aspects of the local music business, but some of them have moved on to other cities or on to other jobs in different industries. At any rate this particular venue is now being run by the sort of guy who is hard to get a favor out of it would appear. In fact no one I know speaks very highly of him, aside from saying that he is one of the most difficult people to get along with that they have ever met, so it would appear that there is not a lot of opportunity for us to grease the wheels on that front as it looks right now.