Getting This Lot Cleaned Up

At first I was not sure what to do with the abandoned cars on this lot. This piece of land seems to have been used as an unofficial junk yard by the local people and so when they had some junk that they did not want they would dump it there. With a fridge it might make a bit of sense I suppose, but you just have to call one of those places that advertise we buy cars in San Diego in you have a junk car. Obviously they are going to want to turn a profit off the car, but they will give you something based on the weight of the car. It depends upon how much metal is in the car, so if you have a really heavy car it is worth more than a really light one. It seems like it should matter how much aluminum is in the car, which is a lot more in the modern cars than it is in the older ones that were built fifteen or twenty years ago.

At any rate I wanted to make sure that I could get rid of these old cars legally. I was figuring that if you abandoned something it was no longer yours. At least this is probably the case after a certain period of time. If your car breaks down on the side of the road for example they will tow it off pretty quickly and then you have to pay to get it out of the impound lot, but it is still your car. Obviously after a time the cost of the car becomes less than what it costs to get it back though, because they really like to jack you up at those impound lots. At any rate those cars were no longer anyone’s property.

Looking at Scooters for the Boy

The oldest boy is not big enough to get his driver’s license and if he does want to drive a car he is going to need some money. So he is going to be working and he is going to need to get to his job, where he is going to be the stock boy at a little store about four miles from here. We are looking at something like this thing, which is legal for a person with no driver’s license and it seems like it would be just fine if you were going to stick to city streets and stay away from the morons. That is a bit of a chore, but I do not think I have to worry about the boy too much.

Planning a Trip to Malaysia

I am going to be going to Malaysia, probably for a couple of months. It is not really determined yet. I am going to be parachuted in to look at the operations of a big resort. I have to take care of the details, like I need to find a car rental in penang, which is probably one of the major tourist destinations in Malaysia. It is famous for it’s local cuisine and of course there they have an island with a lot of beaches and a lot of tourist destinations. I am probably not going to get around much unless it lasts longer than I think it shall, because in general these things are very detailed. Continue reading