Finding a Local Auto Repair Shop

I am going to try to get my car fixed soon, because it is broken, and I am on vacation right now. But I have to go back to work next week, and so I need to get the car fixed quickly, so that I will be able to make it to work. I am looking for auto repair in Rockland County NY and I want to find the local auto shop that has the lowest rates, in general, for getting things fixed. Because otherwise, I am going to probably have to spend too much money, and that won’t make me very happy. Continue reading

Finding Joy in the Self

Growing up with a father who has log struggled with post-polio disorder, I was exposed to an environment in which handicapped individuals have to grow to become accustomed to. It has been a steady decline for him over the years with us even driving to buy a wheelchair van in Orlando recently to go along with his new chair. While it might seem like a tragic life he has long grown accustomed to the various necessities in which he is forced to live by and approaches his physical capabilities with a good sense of humor. This has taught me a lot about myself over the years. Continue reading