Methods Used to Help Race Car Drivers Survive High Speed Collisions

Racing cars are exposed to tremendous forces upon impact. We see those big crashes on race tracks and we don’t think much of them because most of the drivers walk away uninjured. However, that is not always the case. The rule does seem to be that injuries even in multiple car wrecks on the track have drivers ebing okay, but it is due to the advanced safety equipment they use. The in-car camera is a source for fans to see roll cages, harnesses and other things. Hidden safety things include energy absorbing materials in panels that absorb energy.

Polystyrene that is extruded into foam panels can be made to different levels of density. You have foam board used in packaging that is kind of fragile yet absorbs bumps and knocks to protect products in packages. Harder foam can dissipate a tremendous amount of impact energy safely rather than having it transferred into the body of a racecar driver. That is the goal of energy absorption and dissipation. You want to take the impact and send it around and away from the driver. Continue reading

A Wonderful Way to Get Around Town

There is no doubt that Dulles car service is the principle car service provider to choose whenever I visit Dulles. While I have enjoyed being able to use Uber from time to time, I’ve also discovered that they are not always the best drivers in the city even if they might be cheaper – I suppose there is a very good reason for that! Many of the drivers that i’ver used through Uber seem to not know their way around town very well compared to those drivers that I’ve hired through the Dulles car company, who always know exactly where it is that I need to go and which routes are the most optimal routes to take. Continue reading