Started to Work a Part Time Job

I got a part time job. It is not a great job, but I need the money and they are willing to let me work odd hours. In fact I have been going out with my girlfriend some night and then going in to work. The job is to clean up the vehicles for this limo place here in Toronto. The place is Exec Limo in Toronto, as you can see if you look at their web page ( ). They have a lot of different vehicles. Not all of them are always out and I am not the only guy who is there working. They want to have the cars available at all times and they want them to be spotlessly clean. If you know what it costs to rent a car and a driver then you can imagine that you would not want to pay that much money and have the car look like it had been dirty.

In fact you find some interesting stuff in the backs of these cars. Continue reading

Using a Limo Service to Make the Perfect Nighht

Anybody that is looking to hire a limo service is fairly justified in being picky, as this is not something that people purchase without high expectations. The bottom line is that whether you just want the night to be remembered forever or you are trying to impress a special someone, having something go wrong is simply not an option. This means hiring a company with the best drivers and a great fleet of vehicles is important, because otherwise you might as well stick to driving your own vehicle. Paradise Toronto Limo service seems to understand exactly this, as they have gone out of their way to try and make sure every minor detail of their service is absolutely perfect.

This starts with their impeccable fleet, which has the best vehicles which are kept detailed and get regular maintenance to ensure they will be both reliable and impressive. Continue reading

My Fiance Loved the Proposal That I Planned

My girlfriend and I had been together for several years, and I knew I wanted to marry her. We had discussed getting married in the future on many occasions, but I was waiting for the perfect way to propose to her. I came up with the idea of renting a limo, so I was checking out to see what they had to offer.

One of their pages gave some ideas for what other people hire them for, and that is when I noticed that one of the pages said they offer tours of Niagara Falls. That is when it hit me that I should propose to my girlfriend at the falls! I gave them a call to discuss my plans, and they were all for it. Continue reading

The Costs of Being a Bachelor

I have always made an attempt to be conservative with my funds. Ever since I saw my parents burn through thousands and thousands of dollars during my childhood, I’ve realized that money can be a fleeting thing which will quickly run dry if you don’t treat it with some measure of respect. My parents were always hiring out a limousine service in Bergen County NJ to get around town just so they could impress their friends. Sure, limousines are great and I’ve even rented them out from time to time, but they did so just because they felt that they had the money to do so.

They were not forward thinking people. Both of them live in the here and the now without much thought toward a future where the money might run out. Continue reading

I Am Not Sure I Understand the Prices of Rentals

I am not sure I understand the prices of rentals. I was thinking about a business trip to Bogota the other day and I got to pricing it out. I went to this site called and looked in to the cost of renting a car down there. I am not sure how I got there or if they are a good place to rent a car, but that was what I found. At any rate I really do not understand the variation in the prices on some of the rentals. The least expensive car is a compact for twenty eight dollars per day. It says that it is a Toyota Corolla or similar. That seems really reasonable to me. The same thing goes for the price on a full size sedan which is around forty five dollars. Continue reading