I Have Nothing but Good Things to Say About This Transport Company in Singapore

There is a bus transport company in singapore that has 20 and 40-seater buses. I remember my school using their services for a team trip to play in another city. The school bus we were going to use broke down the day of the trip. We were not even out of the parking lot when it happened. One of the parents suggested we call the bus charter service. They had a bus and driver out in less than a half hour. We were not even late for our game. That stuck in my mind as great service.

Years later as a police officer I responded to a disabled vehicle call. It was a tour bus that had broken down. The bus would need to be towed, and their company was well over an hour away. The people wanted to get home immediately. I suggested they call the transport service my school used years ago. Once again, the company had a driver out almost immediately. The big bus took everyone the final 40 kilometers to their destination. The replacement bus from the tour company took over two hours to arrive. By that time everyone was already at their destination. Continue reading