Got into an Accident Last Weekend

Nina and I went to see her parents last weekend. We ended up getting into a fog bank out on the highway. This was not just a little bit of fog, it was simply impossible for us to see more than about three car lengths ahead of us. We were crawling along and eventually we came to a stop behind a line of cars. Someone ahead of us had hit some other car and before long some fool came crashing into the rear end of our car. It took some time to find towing in Ottawa, ON to take us to the Chrysler dealer there. Of course the car was barely used. We bought the thing about a month and three weeks ago. Continue reading

Garage Doors That Would Not Work

My husband and I lived in an apartment for the first eight years of our marriage. After we said I do, I just moved into his two bedroom apartment because it was convenient and cheap for both of us. We decided late last year that it was time for us to move to a house though, complete with a garage since cars are his passion. We were able to find a really nice house that has an attached three car garage at a price we could afford. The only downside was we had to find an Addison garage repair company after we closed on the house because none of the garage doors were operational.

We got the house for a good price because of things like that. The basement was not finished, there were some wiring issues, and a few other things that we knew we could take care of. However, my husband really wanted the garage doors fixed as soon as the wiring issues were taken care of. Continue reading