I Just Bought an Old Chevy

I had not really expected that I would be able to afford it at first and my wife thinks it is an awful idea, but I have been looking for a fun hobby and this is probably going to take up a whole lot of my time. I looked around for a good long while and took this mechanic I knew to see the car before I bought it. I could tell that he really liked it and he thought I got a great price on it. Right now I am learning hot do vehicle detailing yourself, because I am thinking that with a little work this car may be able to compete in car shows. Continue reading

The New Era of Professional Truck Drivers

A lot of commercial over-the-road drivers are paying a lot more attention to staying fit and healthy. The old image of drivers being cigarette-smoking guys in sleeveless tee shirts is fading away. Today’s truck drivers are getting to be more professional. Many team drivers are husbands and wives who hit the open road together. Some owner-operators have a truck that is part RV. It may include a galley, bathroom, shower and sleeping area. Of course, the more weight you have on your truck means you have to haul less for your loads.

There are ways for truck drivers to prepare meals on the road to stay fit and healthy. There are ways to eat healthy without having to even stop long to cook something. Continue reading