Buying a New Boat Now That Im Retired


I promised myself that as soon as I retired I would buy a boat. Throughout my life I commonly rented boats as the need came up. If we wanted to take a quick trip down the coast, I would rent a boat. It had always been a bit more cost-effective that way, because I didn’t get to go on vacation very often. Now that I’m retired, I have all the time in the world. I’ve recently been looking at boats for sale in my area. I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, so I decided to expand my search online. I found a website that lets people post pictures and details about their boats on the website. It makes it really easy for people who are looking for about two connect with people who are selling boats. Continue reading

Finding a Mechanic for My Business Vehicles


I’ve owned my own small business for 20 years. We go around town and repair computers for people who don’t know a lot about technology. Because we are a small company, we do not have a mechanic on staff. Most of the time, we go to the local dealership and have them work on our vehicles. This has proven to be quite costly, because we put so many miles on our vehicles. In order to save money, I have started to research commercial fleet services for Exton PA. I’m fairly certain that I will be able to find a solution to this problem.

I’ve actually located one company in particular that offers fleet services for people just like me. Continue reading