Finally Got the Car Fixed Up

Of course the car has had the dents in it as long as I have had it and I was not all that concerned about it. In fact I was okay with them, because I got a discount on the car because of them. The guy I bought it from had gotten it in a dust up and he sold it to me without getting it fixed up. He took his insurance check and got a better car. At any rate some guy hit it again the other night and I had to find this guy In fact I was not really able to drive the car until I got the work done, because the guy who hit the car crushed the front right fender in to the wheel well. You can turn the wheel most of the way, but it would not be possible to drive the car very well. You could make most turns , but that is not really a good enough deal.

In theory I could have just cut the damage out of it and driven the car, but I am pretty sure that it would have been a poor idea. It is obvious that the car would be burning up a lot more gas if you messed up the aerodynamics and it is not like it gets very good gas mileage to start out. In fact it is a really thirsty little beast, so I do not need to do anything that is going to make that situation any worse than it already is for me. I need to save money where I can, but this is something which simply has to get done it seems to me. I just do not see any better options for me to do that do not end up costing me more.

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