Getting Ready for the Anniversary Next Week

I have been putting aside a little bit of money at a time for months trying to get enough saved up to take Annie out for a big night out. Of course that is going to be expensive if you do it all of the way and if you only go half of the way it is still going to cost more than I can really afford. It is just one day a year though. I talked about the cost of a limo service in Toronto by Dream Night and I was thinking about whether or not it made sense. It depends on what you get, because these places have all sorts of limos. They have the big stretch jobs that you would have a long walk to get around, but even bigger than that are the stretched vans and stretched SUV’s. I was checking out their web page and they have a few different sizes of party buses. They can hold anything from 30 to 50 people in those big party buses. The biggest limos are just below that size.

I was thinking about just getting a town car, which in this case would have been something like a Mercedes Benz. It is probably the exact same car a rich doctor would drive to to the hospital every morning. So it is not that big of a deal. Of course the problem is it is still going to cost you about 80 dollars an hour. I got to thinking about it and I decided that there was a better way probably. The idea I got was that for that sort of money I could get a really nice hotel room. So I found this really nice restaurant which is within walking distance of a nice hotel. It is still going to be very expensive.

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