Got into an Accident Last Weekend

Nina and I went to see her parents last weekend. We ended up getting into a fog bank out on the highway. This was not just a little bit of fog, it was simply impossible for us to see more than about three car lengths ahead of us. We were crawling along and eventually we came to a stop behind a line of cars. Someone ahead of us had hit some other car and before long some fool came crashing into the rear end of our car. It took some time to find towing in Ottawa, ON to take us to the Chrysler dealer there. Of course the car was barely used. We bought the thing about a month and three weeks ago. They are going to probably try to short change us on the insurance we are sure, but the fact is we did not exactly buy a new vehicle. That really does not make sense. Instead this was one of the last vehicles left over from the last model year and that means that the thing had already depreciated before we left the dealer’s lot. It is the way that my Dad would do it and it makes a lot of sense. If you buy a new car it is worth about 10 percent less in the time that it takes to drive it off of the lot and out into the real world. So you may as well get the car that is left over from last year, as they are going to want to be rid of it and willing to discount it enough so that you can avoid paying that extra amount. At any rate we took the car to the dealer because we knew the manager of the place, or at least Nina did and he got us a good deal and a loaner car.

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