Happysmiles Loan is a company that specializes in granting non- bank loans , which have very attractive repayment terms compared to the prices of competing companies.


Happysmiles Loan


Happysmiles Loan is a company originating in Finland. The company also operates in other Scandinavian countries, and a few years ago began its financial expansion also in Poland. Happysmiles Loan offers our countrymen loans with a 60-month repayment period, in the form of a credit limit or, if you prefer, in the form of an express loan .

You must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account to get a loan from Happysmiles Loan. In addition, the person applying for a loan may not have negative entries in the Economic Information Bureau and the Credit Information Bureau (BIK).


Credit limit

Credit limit

At this point, it is worth taking a close look at Happysmiles Loan’s offer, and consider why their non-bank loans are cheaper compared to similar offers from other loan companies? Well, the main product of Happysmiles Loan is the credit limit, which we can apply after submitting the appropriate application.

The amount of the credit limit granted by the company depends primarily on our financial standing and credit history, as well as our current financial standing..

Unfortunately, practice shows that with the first contract the company gives rather low credit limits. In addition, it is worth noting that, although we may be able to obtain a credit limit in the amount of which we applied, we will not be able to pay the whole amount to our account.


Happysmiles Loan Regulations

Happyloan Regulations

Happysmiles Loan regulations clearly state that with the first loan the customer has the right to pay only 50 percent of the credit limit granted by the company.

It is worth noting that the available credit limit is as much as $ 40,000, but in fact only half of this, or $ 20,000, can be credited to our account. This may indicate, above all, that Happysmiles Loan protects itself from dishonest customers, and care for its profits when the money returns to the company plus an appropriate commission.

Therefore, probably the costs of granting a loan at Happysmiles Loan are quite attractive, because as you can see they are subject to additional requirements and formalities.

All formalities related to the credit limit launched for us by the company can be supervised thanks to their website. We receive access to the website after signing the credit limit agreement. On the page we have access to the transaction history in the limit, we can make withdrawals, and we can check the repayment date.


Good credit history required

Good credit history required

However, it is worth remembering that not everyone who applies for a loan at Happysmiles Loan has a chance of being considered successfully. People who have no debt and cannot get a bank loan, for example because of too low income, have the best chances.

Of course, a slight delay in paying the telephone bill, or a ticket for free-riding MPK, does not rule out our chances. The rule is that a slight offense does not disqualify us from Happysmiles Loan’s eyes.