I Finally Got the Cougar Running

I finally got the Cougar XR-7 running. My Dad bought it for me about two years ago when I was still fifteen years old. When we bought it was white with black trim, including a black spoiler on the rear deck. It had a 351 Windsor V-8 engine which had locked up. My Dad told me that the best thing would be to replace it with the version of the same engine that had been built in Cleveland. We got one after searching on this site called http://revven.com which is a search engine where you can find prices on used engines. We sent the car off to this guy who painted it a really beautiful bright red and then we tried to get that engine in the car. We did everything we could, but it just would not fit. It was apparently the power steering unit which was the problem. The car did not have it at first and the power train we bought had this enormous power steering system which was hitting against the firewall of the car. Eventually my Dad and I decided that the thing to do was to get a Ford 302 engine. We found one pretty easily and it went in the engine bay quite easily. We had to move the engine mounts, but that was not a big deal really. We did the entire thing in one day. Last Saturday he and I got up real early and when back to the building where we had the engine hoist. We put it in right away and hooked up the transmission to the drive shaft. We had a bit of trouble getting the engine mounts lined up correctly, but we had the engine in the car before lunch. Then we just had to make sure we hooked it all up right.

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