I Just Bought an Old Chevy

I had not really expected that I would be able to afford it at first and my wife thinks it is an awful idea, but I have been looking for a fun hobby and this is probably going to take up a whole lot of my time. I looked around for a good long while and took this mechanic I knew to see the car before I bought it. I could tell that he really liked it and he thought I got a great price on it. Right now I am learning hot do vehicle detailing yourself, because I am thinking that with a little work this car may be able to compete in car shows. The guy who used to own it is now in a nursing home or something like that. This was not the only car that his family had up for sale. He had this large metal building. There were about twenty cars in there along with a lot of tools and equipment.

Some of the cars were basically junk, only useful for spare parts, some of them were about half finished and there were around nine cars that he had restored. Some of the others were out of my price range, he had two corvettes and an old Ford Thunderbird. These would have cost as much as a new car, which I could afford, but it would be a car I would drive every day. This is obviously something that is going to spend most of it’s time sitting in a garage. In fact the engine looks like you could eat off of it right now. It is all clean and shiny, obviously because the guy had been taking it to car shows. In fact he a long trailer in which he could put two cars and all the stuff he would need for a weekend.

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