Make Sure You Get the Right VCDS Cable

You have an operating system in your car if it is a newer car. Did you know that it can be analyzed and even manipulated? The VCDS “VAG-COM Diagnostic System” is actually from Microsoft. It is made and put out by a company called Ross-Tech. There are cheap versions of this diagnostic system that you can buy online, but the problem is that a lot of the stuff you want to be able to do is disabled. You need to be careful and only buy a quality VCDS if you want more full control of things within the control software that runs your car.

The cable you get is very important. It has to have the right chip in order for you to have controls enabled. Do not buy a cheap bargain clone. Just get a good price on a great VCDS cable. Start out with the best tools to do the work on your car that you want to do. You will see a lot of knock-off offers on various diagnostic tools and cables. You should look for a guarantee of how functional the devices are. Read the literature and see if it is capable of doing what you want it to do.

The systems, including the cables, can look the same on the outside. It is the chips on the inside that make it so they can do what you want them to do or not. Getting a fully functional cable or diagnostic system for your car is not hard, you just need to not fall for the first cheap offer of a cable that you see. Read the fine print and make sure what you are getting will let you see and tweak what it is you are seeking to do with your car’s operating software environment.

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