New Plastic Film Technology Protects Car Finishes

Driving a brand new car is great. Parking it inside a garage and leaving it there makes for less anxiety about all the paint damage though. The last car I owned had chips from rocks and damage from bird droppings in no time. Who would have thought bird poop would damage paint? I cleaned it off, and it left a mark in the clear coat. That was a few years ago, so I looked for car paint protection in Hamilton when I was buying my new car.

There is a film technology where clear plastic films are applied to the vulnerable areas of your car over the paint. The film looks nice once it is applied, and it really protects the paint from the chips and bird droppings. Acid rain is also a culprit in paint damage for cars. The film takes the hits and dirt, not your car’s paint.

Ever see mirrors where the paint looks like it has been worn or sandblasted off? That is caused by all the miles driven where the mirrors are in the wind. Tiny particulates act as abrasives and wear the paint away. Plus, the mirrors are plastic, and adhesion of paint films may be an issue where it is not on the metal surfaces of your car. The film can be applied to mirrors too keeping them looking new for a long time.

Full hoods, rocker panels, mirrors and other sections of your car can be protected with this film from the 3M company. Some people call it a “chip guard” while other folks refer to it as the “clear bra”. Remember those black plastic fabric covers people were putting on the the fronts of sports cars back in the 1980s and 1990s? They were marketed as bras for cars because of the flexible material they were made of and where they were installed. Now this clear film technology replaces all that. Now you can show off your car’s showroom shine and keep it looking great mile after mile without covering anything up or needing to hide it in a garage.

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