Started to Work a Part Time Job

I got a part time job. It is not a great job, but I need the money and they are willing to let me work odd hours. In fact I have been going out with my girlfriend some night and then going in to work. The job is to clean up the vehicles for this limo place here in Toronto. The place is Exec Limo in Toronto, as you can see if you look at their web page ( ). They have a lot of different vehicles. Not all of them are always out and I am not the only guy who is there working. They want to have the cars available at all times and they want them to be spotlessly clean. If you know what it costs to rent a car and a driver then you can imagine that you would not want to pay that much money and have the car look like it had been dirty.

In fact you find some interesting stuff in the backs of these cars. People are out having a good time in these cars. They are partying and drinking and doing pretty much whatever they feel like doing. I would guess that some of the drivers probably do not let you have some types of fun, but for the most part those guys drive the car and leave you to manage whatever is going on in the passenger compartment. There is a wide range of vehicle. There are some which are just nice cars. They call them town cars and obviously some of those would be Lincoln Town cars. Others would just be a nice Mercedes Benz 300 series or 500 series. Anyone could drive one of those, but they do not trust just any guy to do it obviously.

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