Student loan: how and where to get it

Funds for university students without payroll: here’s how to apply for a loan!

Funds for university students without payroll: here

The duration of university studies, especially for some degree courses that need long specializations, tends to last over time. Furthermore, to increase their qualifications and the possibility of finding new jobs, the masters are becoming more and more popular.

All this requires disbursements that it is not always possible to sustain without facing many difficulties. For this reason three trends have emerged, which can coexist and are represented by:

  • subsidized loans provided by banking institutions in agreement with universities;
  • loans granted under agreements with the government;
  • grants in the form of scholarships in the form of honor loans.

University agreements and banks: subsidized loans

University agreements and banks: subsidized loans

With these agreements, students who want to access funding must contact the student secretariats who have updated lists on banks that provide subsidized loans, thanks to agreements or agreements with the same university.

The benefits may concern interest rates, but above all the methods of payment and the type of repayment. Generally, it is sufficient to present the application and documentation to the same university which then forwards it to the banks, also presenting itself as a sort of “guarantor” towards its students.

Agreements between banks and institutions

Agreements between banks and institutions

Over the last few years, to give new impetus to university students and try to reduce the number of those who interrupt their university careers, even if they are gifted with an excellent academic curriculum, governments have often allocated funds to allow the provision of funding.

One of the last belongs to this category, known as Diamogli credit, for which the agreement was made between the ministry of youth and the ABI. You need to contact the banks that have joined you, with the benefits due to the fact that it is the same fund that acts as a guarantee.

The loans of honor for the most “deserving”

The loans of honor for the most "deserving"

Honor loans are considered as “start up” aids, so they are often disbursed to support the costs of specializations and masters. These are loans subordinated to the achievement of remarkable results, with often maximum or above average ratings. Sometimes they are provided by banks that make real investments on the best students.