The Airline Lost My Golf Clubs for Half of the Day

I was a bit more than upset. I got off the plane and I was supposed to be getting to a car service at BWI to go play at a pro am nearby. A friend of mine arranged it, it was something I really wanted to do. I was curious as to whether or not I would get paired up with a pro that I knew or not. At any rate this is one of the best courses that I have never played and I was really looking forward to getting in a couple of rounds. At any rate I spent half of the day trying to figure out where my golf clubs were and it turned out that they had gone to Orlando for a nice day in the sun. Of course they were very apologetic and all, but that did not get me on the course. I was tempted to go have a new set made, but that was never going to happen in time. I guess they have the mobile club shop that travels with the PGA tour and those guys could do it, but they do not work for ordinary hackers I am sure.

I went to the event and tried to figure out how to do it. I ended up playing with some borrowed clubs. It was not too bad. I got a set that were pretty close to what I had and I got out on the driving range and after a lot of hacking around I got used to them. I did not shoot a very low score, but I finished in the top twenty of the amateurs. My score was not that far off from what some of the pros shot either, although a lot of those guys do not take this sort of deal seriously.

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