The New Era of Professional Truck Drivers

A lot of commercial over-the-road drivers are paying a lot more attention to staying fit and healthy. The old image of drivers being cigarette-smoking guys in sleeveless tee shirts is fading away. Today’s truck drivers are getting to be more professional. Many team drivers are husbands and wives who hit the open road together. Some owner-operators have a truck that is part RV. It may include a galley, bathroom, shower and sleeping area. Of course, the more weight you have on your truck means you have to haul less for your loads.

There are ways for truck drivers to prepare meals on the road to stay fit and healthy. There are ways to eat healthy without having to even stop long to cook something. Today’s trucks often have inverters that will give you full household current to operate a crock pot, hot plate, coffee pot or a hair dryer. Truck stops are also some of the nicest places to stop at along the road. They offer clean showers and often hotel rooms for layovers. The entertainment in trucks has come a long way too. Many truck drivers have a satellite receiver that can provide television. Plus, a satellite TV service is offering unlimited cellular data if you are also a customer of their cell phone service.

The road may not be the perfect option for everyone. There are the long hours of driving. However, there are some people who like to drive and explore. They do not care if they are in city traffic or driving long stretches of open highway. For them, there is always something to see. It does not take a long period of training to become one of the nation’s commercial truck drivers, and there are a lot of companies to choose from out there to work for.

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