We Know All of Our Neighbors and That Made Our Community Day Great!

We live in a neighborhood that is kind of squared off from the rest of the town. We are sort of a village unto ourselves. The main road that travels through the center is not heavily traveled. People’s houses are close together, but we have decently sized front and back yards. Everyone knows each other, and all the kids play together. We will help each other out by cutting grass and other stuff when our neighbors are ill or busy. We decided to have a community day for the 48 of us, and we called a Toronto party buses rental company to arrange transportation.

We thought they only had small party buses that could hold about 20 people or so. They actually have big buses too. One was big enough to hold all of us and more. It had a big screen television, an awesome sound system, cool lighting and even coolers for beverages and a bathroom. I’m telling you, when you take a bunch of kids on a two hour ride to a community day event, you will be happy to have a rolling bathroom. If we had to stop every time a kid had to go, the ride would have been five hours! You know how kids are. When one has to go you ask the others. They say no. Then five minutes after you are back on the road, another one has to suddenly go and it is urgent to boot!

We had a great time at our community day event. We are neighbors, but we are all like family. I know my kids can go to anyone’s house in our little village and get help if needed. It is like the old time neighborhoods where you could trust people. The only reason we lock our doors is in case strangers come through. We look out for each other, and you just do not see a lot of that nowadays.

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